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Skydive Delmarva - Delaware Skydiving Center

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You only make your first skydive once. Come to us for the biggest plane, the highest altitude jumps, the longest freefall, the best videographers, and the best service in the area. Why you should jump with us. Get your gift certificates or schedule your jump online!

We offer two ways to make your first skydive!

Tandem Skydive

Group discounts available

A tandem skydive is the fastest and most popular way to make your first skydive. You will wear a harness which connects you to an instructor. You will free fall for about 60 seconds then the instructor will deploy the parachute and guide you both back to the dropzone. A requires only about 20 minutes of training but you should plan to be at the airport for about two hours. Read more about tandem skydiving.

Learn to Skydive: AFF Program

Group discounts available

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Skydiving is a course which teaches you all the skills necessary to skydive on your own. On the day of your first jump you will go through a six hour class. We'll go over gear you will use, how to exit the plane, the best position for free fall, and how to fly and land a parachute. When you're ready to jump you will get your own parachute. You'll jump with two instructors who will hold onto you during your 60 second free fall. You'll pull your own parachute and you will then receive assistance by radio to help you fly and land the parachute. You should allow a full day for an . Read more about AFF skydiving.

Why You Should Jump with Us

Choosing a dropzone to make your first skydive is an important decision. It's essential to know the kind of plane used and the altitude of your jump, if there are professional videographers and if your group can jump together.

Skydive Delmarva makes your first skydive the safest and most thrilling it can be. We are the ONLY dropzone in Maryland or Delaware that has always offered:

  • The Best Plane: We use a Super Otter aircraft. That means we can take more than two people skydiving at a time -- we can take as many as seven together!
  • The Perfect Altitude: We fly above 12,000 feet for regular price -- we go to 13,500 for a longer free fall. Other area dropzones either won't go that high or will charge much more.
  • Tandem & AFF Options: We've offered tandem skydiving and the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program since 1997. If you loved your tandem skydive, you can take it to the next level and jump right into skydiving as a hobby.
  • Professional Videographers: Our staff will jump with you, capturing amazing shots when you purchase our Video & Picture package. No "hand cam" videos or pictures at arm's length here!

Do it all with with Skydive Delmarva.

Discover more reasons to make your skydive with us.

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Tandem or AFF

If you're having trouble deciding which jump to make check here for some things to consider when choosing: Tandem vs. AFF skydiving

Video and Pictures Package

Our video and pictures package includes a DVD video and a CD with high resolution jpeg photographs. Your videographer will capture everything from gearing up, making your way to the airplane, the ride up, the freefall and landing. Your video will be edited with special effects and music. Learn more about the Video and Pictures Package

Skydive Delmarva is proud to be the home of the United States Naval Academy,
Townson Universy and University of Maryland Skydiving Teams.