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jump tickets $25 Friday jump tickets $20 Gear rentals $25

The community is the experience

Skydive Delmarva is proud to be the epicenter of skydiving on and around the Eastern Shore. The global community built by skydivers is the foundation of our dropzone. Join our tight knit world where all types are bound together with a common passion for adventure, adrenalin and blue skies. 


 Aerial Map



Be prepared when you drop by our drop zone

Our large flat landing area is free of obstacles and features a pea pit. We have two high performance landing lanes to accomodate either of the predominant wind directions, east-west or west-east. The airport has a grass runway which is easily identified next to the surrounding farm fields. There are an abundance of outs surrounding the airport and only one small water hazard in the vicinity. While in the air look for the three roads that come to a fork, all roads point to the drop zone. Note the below rules to stay safe in the pattern.

• Left hand pattern only.

• Do not cross the runway below 1000 ft.

• High performance landings greater than 90° must be in the designated lanes marked on the edges of the field above.

• The high perfomance lane in use will be the one on far side of the standard landing base leg. 

  example: With winds blowing West to East; use the North lane. With winds blowing East to West; use the South lane.

• Tandems and AFF students always have the right of way.

 Rental Gear Policies

•Students and licensed skydivers using Skydive Delmarva rental skydiving equipment assume responsibility for any and all loss or damage to the rental equipment.

•You are a student skydiver until you receive your USPA A License. All students must have the following required equipment on every skydive:

1 . An approved harness, container system equipped with appropriately sized canopies.

2. A functioning AAD and a connected RSL.

3. A visually accessible altimeter.

4. An approved hard helmet.

•All other equipment considerations will be at the discretion of the supervising instructors.

•Students are not permitted to jump with cameras.

•Persons renting gear are responsible for any repacks due to cutaways and agree to pay for any damage incurred during landing including, but not limited to, landing in trees, on asphalt, or into obstacles. In case of injury, any damage emergency response personal may cause to the equipment is the responsibility of the user.

•Rental gear must be shared and made accessible to other jumpers who need it. The ‘Daily Rental’ rate applies to the number of jumps you make in a day but does not mean exclusive use of the equipment. We have a limited number of rental rigs. Please be flexible and help us to get everyone in the air.

Super otter

Covered packing area creeper pad and mock ups master rigging loft
indoor and outdoor showers game room and kitchen facilities camping and RV hook ups
Free Wifi Bonfire pit  Safety Briefings






Skydive Delmarva Inc is proud to be the epicenter of the skydiving community, uspa certified instructors, highest altitude and longest free fall, largest plane and fastest climb, 3rd person videographers


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