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To Skydive Delmarva Inc from Baltimore, MD

2 HR 5 MIN 98.8 MI

•Take MD-295 S.

5.68 miles

• Merge onto I-695 E toward Glen Burnie.

3.42 miles

•Merge onto MD-10 S via EXIT 2 toward Severna Park. 

6.56 miles

• Merge onto MD-10 S toward Severna Pk.

0.72 miles

•Turn left onto Ritchie Hwy S/MD-2.

8.06 miles

• Merge onto US-50 E/US-301 N toward Bay Bridge (toll).

21.29 miles

• Merge onto US-50 E toward Ocean City.

6.95 miles

• Turn left onto Queen Anne Hwy/MD-404. Continue to follow MD-404.

23.61 miles

• MD-404 becomes DE-404.

6.09 miles

• Stay straight to go onto Seashore Hwy/DE-404 Bus.

1.41 miles

• Turn left onto Market St/DE-404 Bus.

0.43 miles

• Turn right onto S Main St/US-13 Bus S/DE-404 Bus.

1.62 miles

• Turn right onto Sussex Hwy/US-13 S. Continue to follow US-13 S.

10.89 miles

• Turn right onto Georgetown Rd.

0.63 miles

• Georgetown Rd becomes N Poplar St.

0.57 miles

• Turn right onto W Market St/DE-24. Continue to follow DE-24.

1.57 miles

• Turn right onto Aero Dr.

• Skydive Delmarva Inc, 32524 Aero Dr, Laurel, DE, 32524 AERO DR is on the left.

Skydive Baltimore,MD



Skydive Delmarva Inc is proud to be the epicenter of the skydiving community, uspa certified instructors, highest altitude and longest free fall, largest plane and fastest climb, 3rd person videographers


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