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Learn to Skydive

first jump course $299 AFF progression $1350 A license progression $2200
Category B $225 Category C $220 catD1
catD2 catE1 catE2

 Skydive Tandem 

9500 ft Thursday and Friday $150 13500 ft $225 18000 ft $325

Videos and Photos 

video and photo package $120 Videos and Photos for two $200 Video or photo pick one $100

Experienced Jumpers 

Jump tickets $25  Friday tickets $20 Gear rentals $25
Coach Jump $85   Coach jump with gear $110

Recurrancy Ground Training

30-60 days past $20  60-90 days past $35 90+ days past $40 






Skydive Delmarva Inc is proud to be the epicenter of the skydiving community, uspa certified instructors, highest altitude and longest free fall, largest plane and fastest climb, 3rd person videographers


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