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While no traditional education is required to become a skydiving instructor, they have to gain the jump experience and expertise needed to earn a Rating credential from the United States Parachute Association (USPA). Ratings to instruct particular types of jumps, such as static line, tandem, accelerated free fall or coached jumps are earned individually through certified Rating Examiners.

Before skydivers can earn instructor ratings, however, they must acquire the appropriate class license (A,B,C,D) from the USPA for the instructor certification desired.

Skydiving instructors' primary job duties are to help beginning jumpers learn the safety procedures and skills needed to make their first jump and progress through their AFF training. This can entail teaching courses and supervising the jumps themselves. Instructors may also administer quizzes and practical exams to more experienced jumpers looking to earn a higher licenses class. 

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