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  • slide show, videographer directly under tandem student in free fall
  • slide show, Hey this is a photo of me filming a video of a tandem student on their first skydive
  • slide show, videographer exiting the airplane with a tandem student
  • slide show, videographer exiting the airplane with a tandem student

Inside POV Video and photo package $100 Outside POV Video and photo packages $120 Combo POV video and photo package $160 

You can only make your first jump once

Your videographer captures every moment of your skydive, collecting interviews and footage on the ground and in the plane. As you exit the plane our videographer is right there with you in freefall, offering an amazing insight and visual experience into the world of skdiving! An experience you can relive with your family and friends over and over.

The Video Package Contains a 5-8 minute video production of your skydive from exit to opening. Additional footage may include the aircraft, takeoff, canopy shots and landings amongst other phases of the experience. The whole production is set to a sound track for your enhanced enjoyment. Photographs are taken throughout your skydive, around 150 in all. Having both the video and the still photographs allows you to relive the thrill of your skydiving adventure, wherever you may be!

• Inside POV (Handy Cam) videos are shot by your instructor with wide angle action cameras. Don't miss a moment of your skydive, from boarding to landing you have the shot!

Inside POV Sample $0

• Outside POV (Third person) videos are shot by a seperate videographer and offer a wider variety of perspective. Up, down and all around; capture the whole story!

Outside POV Sample $0

• Combo POV juxtaposes both these techniques to create the ultimate video experience. Cover all angles and double the photos!

Combo POV Sample $0


Students are not permitted to use cameras in free fall if editing is not possible same day videos will be mailed a videographer can only fly with one student at a time



Skydive Delmarva Inc is proud to be the epicenter of the skydiving community, uspa certified instructors, highest altitude and longest free fall, largest plane and fastest climb, 3rd person videographers


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