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Skydiving in Miami

Skydiving is one of the Adrenalin pumping sport activities that you can enjoy in the scenic skies of Miami. One of America s favorite tourist destinations, Miami, also known for it dominant high in the sky. Now you can experience some of the exciting, thrilling, and high Adrenalin moments of your lifetime, here in Miami.So, …

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Skydiving in Germany

This sport was previously practiced only by the military, but with the relaxation of Germany’s Civil Code it has become more open to the general public.As such, tandem Skydiving (TSD) is quickly becoming the most popular form of skydiving in Germany. Preparatory Free Tandem Skydiving Classes German skydiving clubs hold weekly sessions that can last …

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Best Skydiving Goggles 2023?

Skydiving goggles can be customized to suit your needs. Some people prefer tinted versions while others opt for clear. Many can be worn over contact lenses or glasses. The bottom line is that they protect your eyes while you are freefalling.  It is always nice to see the sky from 120 mph, right? Feel free …

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