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Skydiving AFF For Beginners | Accelerated Free Fall 101

AFF skydiving costs | Pic:: Russ Jani

For beginners, skydiving AFF usually comprises two distinct levels. The first level requires that every first-timer begins from a rigorous ground course. In this course, the tutor guides students in an easy-to-follow module. 

Beginners gain knowledge on the various skydiving gears, the freefall technique, how to fly with a parachute, and many other lessons. 

At the end of this course, first-timers will take a written exam to show that they fully grasped and understood the lessons taught. 

After this, the students move on to the second phase of AFF training, a more practical course. With this rigorous training, beginners should be confident about skydiving.

What Does AFF Mean in Skydiving?

In skydiving, AFF means Accelerated Freefall, a beginner skydiving certification course that prepares you for solo skydiving anywhere in the world. It is termed accelerated because its static line progression allows you to experience the fastest solo freefall from about 3000 m to 4000 m Above Ground Level (AGL). 

In Accelerated Freefall, students learn under the instruction of one or two instructors. It will ensure that the learning process goes smooth and fast during jumps. 

How Many Jumps Are There in a Free Fall Course?

In the Accelerated Freefall course, every student will need to complete 25 jumps to show that they have the essential skills and proficiency level to skydive. These jumps are apparent in the eight Levels of the AFF training curriculum. 

In each of these levels, training lessons may include groundwork, maneuvering skills, and most of all, parachute skydiving. 

How Much Does an Accelerated Free Fall Cost?

For a first jump, Accelerated Free Fall skydiving may cost about $250, depending on your location. However, the total cost of AFF at all levels, from one to eight, may cost about $1,500 to $2,000. Again, this depends on the location. 

What Is The 7 Level AFF Program?

The seventh-level AFF program requires that you fully take charge of the dive without instructions. It includes little concepts of everything learned from levels one to six. 

At this level, you will get on a plane, exit it, perform a front loop, and make a 360 degrees turn to the left and right. 

After this, the instructor examines the recorded video to observe your skills and give you constructive feedback. Once you are successful with this stage, the next step will be to move to level eight and complete your solo jump.

AFF level 1

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Level 1 is usually the first training course that will help you learn how to skydive. In essence, it is more like an introductory class in skydiving. 

This training usually covers days. But, depending on individual ability, one can complete this course in a day.

This course covers on-ground training on skydiving basics, including free-fall positioning, canopy control and development, and emergency procedures. 

The first jump typically ranges about 14,000 feet (4,300 meters) or more, with two instructors guiding you throughout the process. 

You will also be required to comply and respond to hand gestures that indicate your next move. These hand signals may include changing body position, checking altimeter, and practicing how to deploy parachutes. 

At this level, an instructor outs you through how to land safely on the ground with your parachute using radio equipment. 

After this, instructors examine video footage to observe slight mistakes and give feedback on what to do. If they are happy with your progress, you then proceed to the next AFF level 2. 

Any skydive AFF Courses Near Me?

Are you considering learning how to skydive and thinking of the best location to complete your AFF course? Some teams help you get the best practical classes for your freefall experience. 

At, you should easily find a suitable course near you. The Accelerated Freefall (AFF) skydiving course may include a seven-level program designed to prepare you for your solo skydive.

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