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How To Get a Skydiving License | Parachuting Costs

A-license for skydiving

A-license to Jump Solo

Getting a license is easy. After completing your Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) learning program, the next thing to do is go for your skydiving “A license”. With it, you enjoy the privilege of jumping in any drop zone around the world. When you apply for your permit, you will learn various hacks and techniques like:
  • packing
  • aircraft spotting
  • group formation skydiving
  • gear inspection and maintenance and many other skydiving necessities.

Skilled instructors are eager to help you develop the jumping skills to get your permit. All you need to do is contact the team to get started. To get your license, you will have to complete a total of 25 jumps together with all requirements in the A-license proficiency card.  To get the card, simply download it here or contact the team.

How much does it cost to get a skydiving license?

Skydiving license prices vary with drop zones. Depending on the drop zone you find yourself in, you may get a higher rate between $200 to $300. Notwithstanding, in some drop-zones, you can get a low-cost skydiving license that will meet your budget and needs.

Here are some common rates:

  • Seats, Gear, Packing & Coach Fee is around $100
  • If You Jump with Your Gear the fee is around $80-100

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