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Best Parachutes for Skydiving | Used Parachuting Gear … or not?

Parachutes | Picture: Nikola Belopitov
Article Brief: This article highlights the best parachutes for beginners, the best parachute brands to buy online, the top-rated parachute brands globally, and a guide on choosing the best parachute.
Let us dive right in.

Top Parachutes for Beginners

The Federal Aviation Association (FAA) regulates all aircraft and skydiving operations while offering all information that one should follow.
The authority also provides the necessary safety guidelines people should follow and the quality of parachutes used in skydiving to ensure optimum safety levels.
Many parachute brands and variants exist on the market. So, identifying the ideal parachute can be challenging. As a beginner, here is what to look out for when purchasing a parachute.

What are the Best Sky Jumping Gear, really?

When choosing the ideal parachute as a beginner, ensure you identify gear that offers a complete rig for skydiving. An all-compressive skydiving kit should have components like a canopy, a reserve canopy, a harness system, and an Automatic Activation Device (AAD).

Round VS RAM Air Parachutes

Round parachutes are the most common types and come with a circular build. However, advancement in design has led to the development of rectangular RAM parachutes.
Round chutes suffice as the OGs of skydiving, but they also present safety issues. A round parachute offers minimal control on where you land. It also gives you a rough experience after you exit an aircraft.
RAM-air canopy chutes are rectangular and offer better maneuverability. It is more prudent for beginners to use a RAM canopy than the typical round air version.
Parachuting Gear. Image by Günther Schneider

Sport and Specialized Skydiving Parachutes

Different types of parachutes exist, with each built to suit specific needs and levels of experience. Ideally, a wingsuit flyer parachute differs from that of a beginner or free flyer. As a beginner, the ideal chute is easy to use without complications.
Most jumpers opt for a parachute that offers natural progression for a canopy flight. You start with a large and docile chute and graduate to a smaller and speedy one. As a beginner, a tandem parachute suits you best because it offers you stability and a comfortable landing.

Top Parachuting Gear to Buy Online

When buying online, you should consider a few things. The brand, size, make, workability, and cost.
Many brands exist online, each with specific capabilities and functions.
Depending on the quality, every parachute will cost you varying amounts of money. Advanced with more functions and capabilities cost you more than standard ones.
So there is no best parachute to buy online because it all depends on your specific needs as a skydiver. The secret is to go for something that offers all the essential functions for a beginner at an affordable price.

Best Chutes in The World?

Felix Baumgartner is an Australian skydiver and one of the best in the world! During the Red Bull Stratos 2012, he stated that it is difficult to identify the best ones because he uses different parachutes depending on the challenges.
Felix stated that he does not have a particular preference because he chooses his gear based on the needs of his challenge.
Like most products, there’s no ‘best’ in the world because each has to suit specific needs.
It’s also crucial that you choose something that does not stretch your wallet too far. Affordable equipment doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. But advanced gear has more functions and capabilities than standard ones.

Buy Used Parachutes

Renting parachutes is better than buying used ones because most times, the owners don’t disclose all the faults. But not all used chutes are faulty. Some offer excellent service and can be an ideal option for beginner skydivers on a budget.
Some of the best-used to buy are those sold by expert skydivers. Most experts will offer all crucial information about the chute and how best to use it.
If you buy used equipment, remember to inquire about all the nitty-gritty about it to ensure it offers excellent levels of safety and comfort.
Also, ensure to buy from a certified seller or parachuter. That way, you are guaranteed to get a good product that will not fail you during your activities.

What is the best skydiving rig?

Rigs come with complete accessories and functions. It should come with the main canopy, a pilot chute, a reserve parachute, a container, lines, straps, risers, and an automatic activation device.

How much does a good parachute cost?

A brand new parachute system will set you back a couple of thousand dollars. Standard sets for beginners cost between $5000 and $8000. Premium brands cost more and come with more accessories and functions. Used ones are cheaper and cost a couple of hundred dollars depending on the make, size, and capabilities.

How do I choose a parachute?

When choosing, there are a few considerations to make, such as your expertise, the size, the intended use, functions, and the cost.
Bottom Line:
As a beginner, it is prudent to seek an opinion from an expert sky-jumper on the ideal version for you.

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