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Best Skydiving Goggles 2023?

Skydiving goggles can be customized to suit your needs. Some people prefer tinted versions while others opt for clear. Many can be worn over contact lenses or glasses. The bottom line is that they protect your eyes while you are freefalling. 

It is always nice to see the sky from 120 mph, right? Feel free to read our Skydiving Goggles Review 2021 or continue reading to find your favorites. 

Wiley X SG-1 Skydive Glasses / Goggles

The SG-1 is a combination of tactical glasses and full-on protective goggles. Wiley X SG-1 is ANSI Z87.1 rated. This means that they can shatter against any projectiles or airborne particles capable of damaging your lens’ surface.

Smoke grey lenses have low light transmission, which helps to prevent fatigue and discomfort from glare. These lenses are best suited for sunny or bright conditions.

The temples can be detached from the frame. This allows you to attach a strap to the frame for jumping, which requires that your head be pointed in a particular direction. Skydiving requires a more lateral view due to the wraparound shape.

This pair also comse with many lens coatings to help prolong the life of your glasses and provide an exceptional optical experience. The anti-scratch coating reduces scratches and marks caused by wear and tear. The anti-fog coating, which is ideal for seamless vision in extremely cold conditions, is another important coating.

Birdz Eyewear's Wing Goggles

Birdz Eyewear’s goggles provide excellent peripheral vision, whether you are driving or parachuting. It is extremely comfortable and fits almost all faces. You can purchase it as low as $14. 

The shatterproof lens is one-piece, antifog. There are ventilation holes on each side. This allows for just enough air circulation to keep your eyes from getting too dry.

Protective UV400 protection is provided by the one-piece lens. The strap is made of high-quality materials and ensures that your goggles won’t move at high speeds. They will also float if you’re on the water.

Clear, smoke, yellow, and glare-reducing blue lenses are all available for Wing Goggles. For safe storage and cleaning, each pair of wing glasses comes with a microfiber pouch. The lens is made of shatterproof polycarbonate and UV400 filters. 

Antifog coatings ensure clear vision. Scratch-resistant coatings protect lenses from everyday abuse. Indirect ventilation allows the wing to breathe naturally and eliminates fogging. Neoprene foam padding adds extra comfort.

The goggles have an elastic strap that provides a secure fit. Each design also comes with a microfiber pouch for storage and cleaning. They are available in clear, smoke, yellow, and blue lenses.

The Parasport Italia PS3

Parasport Italia’s Skydiving Goggle is a new design. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular sunglasses and goggles for jumping. It features a Zeiss integral lens that is distortion-free. Flexible lenses are available for as low as $42.00, and the original contour allows for the proper placement on faces of all shapes and sizes.

The elastic band’s attachment point is at an angle to ensure that it remains stable at higher speeds. Double adjustment for greater comfort. Soft elastic band with double adjustment. The double-layer soft material is used to seal the gasket. It resists sweat and does not come off the lens.

The Peeksteep Skydiving Goggles

Peeksteep will take your style to the sky and they are a delight for skydivers. Peeksteep’s Goggles is a high-quality pair that can be used for skydiving, and also come with a range of lens and strap colors to match your gear.

Additionally, they come with large, adjustable straps in a variety of colors. They have anti-fog and anti-scratch lens coatings. Fits all face shapes and sizes. Thick polycarbonate lenses, UV 400 protection. Lightweight and comfortable.

Wiley X Spear For Prescripton Lenses

If you require vision correction, this eyewear allows you to add prescription lenses. The removable cavity seal prevents dust, sweat, and other fine particles from getting into your eyes.

This allows for a more comfortable fit. These goggles have a unique venting system to prevent fogging.

Wiley X Spear is the perfect accessory for anyone who enjoys skydiving and doesn’t worry about safety. These goggles have a ballistic rating, which means that they can withstand the impact from a bullet. You can choose between clear or smoke grey lenses depending on your needs.

3M KX Goggles

These goggles allow you to adjust the entire frame at different angles. 3M KX includes an aspheric lens to ensure a clear view. You get the same 3M lenses as other 3M eyewear: polycarbonate lenses which provide total protection against UV A & B rays.

The I.K. 91

The I.K. 91 is a lightweight, 34-gram goggle. It protects against wind, dirt, dust, dirt, and mud. Tinted spherical lenses provide a clear view without distortion and unhindered peripheral vision. The head-band is small enough to fit over or under your helmet.

All I.K. Lenses are 100 percent Ultraviolet blocking. All 91 Lenses are 100% Ultraviolet blocking and impact resistant. The goggle also comes with a microfiber carrying bag. There are four options for color combinations. 

The history of airsports has been closely linked to the Kroop family. Israel Kroop invented the first skydiving helmet in the 1950s. Kroop’s goggles were invented in 1950 and have been used in millions of skydives, wing walks, and glides around the globe. Kroop’s brand is known for its exceptional American-made quality and value.

Gatorz Wraptor Sunglasses For Skydiving

Gatorz sunglasses are made from aluminum and have been a popular piece of eyewear for skydiving. Gatorz Wraptor provides excellent eye coverage thanks to its contoured lenses and frame shape. 

It can be bent slightly to fit a variety of face shapes. You can purchase it starting at $180.

The Wraptor is a medium-sized wrap style fitting. This style is more popular among skydivers, bikers, and runners who prefer a snug-fitting frame. Wraptor is our second most loved frame. It looks great on all faces, especially those who prefer a smaller fit.

It is essential for riders, skydivers, racers, and outdoorsmen who want the best. Gatorz was created to give the best vision possible and revolutionized the sunglass market 20 years ago when they pioneered the American-Made Aluminum manufacturing technology.

Gatorz developed a 22-step manufacturing patentable process. This has allowed Gatorz to produce the best quality sunglasses on the marketplace. 

Gatorz’ Eyewear is uncompromising in quality, comfort, and design. Gatorz Eyewear comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Liquid Eyewear's Gasket Sunglasses

Liquid’s Gasket are great for skydiving and riding a motorcycle, or just for enjoying the sun. They cost $180 and come in a sturdy, hingeless aluminum frame. There are nine different lens options and ten frame colors.

For those who need more coverage, the Gasket comes with a larger frame/lens size than the Player. It also has a 100% Ultraviolet Polycarbonate Grey tinted lens, 13 percent light transmission, and 100% Ultraviolet Polycarbonate Grey tinted lens. True color perception is possible

Bright sunny days are best for driving, skydiving, and motorcycle riding. Many famous rockers such as Van Halen, Disturbed, and Daughtry prefer Liquid sunglass companies.

Liquid Eyewear is manufactured in America. Liquid’s headquarters in Yuma, Arizona cuts frames and lenses. Powder coating is completed in Phoenix. Anodizing and frame plating are done in Chula Vista. Nothing is outsourced.

Otter’s Goggles

The Otter is an extremely lightweight, comfortable, and easy-to-use skydiving goggle. It is very comfortable to wear and sinks into your skin like a pillow. It is available for as low as $20 and offers a clear, distortion-free view. 

All Otter Lenses have a 100 percent UV block and are impact resistant. The nylon case that comes with the goggles is included. There are 3 options for color combinations. 

Arch Skydive Goggles

Patent-pending soft elastomer frames make the Arch goggle comfortable and dry. Ventilated lenses allow for just enough air to keep your eyes clear and prevent fogging.

These lenses can be interchanged and are available in a range of colors and features that are specifically designed for skydiving and other related air sports. 

All lenses are 100% UV-blocking and impact-resistant. You can purchase this goggle with a ballistic nylon carry case for as low as $40.

You can choose from four frame colors or 2 lenses colors. These are an extension of Kroop’s quality. It focuses on providing the best products to people who want the freedom and Eyedrenaline ™ of skydiving or other airsports. Kroop’s gear gives you the protection and style you desire so that you can do what you love.

What happens if you skydive without goggles?

Contacts that are not in place will be lost. You will also find it difficult to see the world around you. Parachuting allows you to see the world from a completely different perspective, and because of that, you want to use a pair to protect yourself and give you a memory for life.

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