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Best Skydiving Helmets 2021 | Parachuting Gear Reviews

skydiving and parachuting helmets

Skydiving can be competitive or recreational, in which case, an efficient helmet is essential. In this article, you can find out the various helmets you can own for safety. 

The piece critiques the exceptional features of several helmets you can consider purchasing this year.

Get an easy price quote for a few skydiving helmets that you can consider. Discover excellent stores to purchase skydiving gear and some online trusted dealers as well. 

There is also information about the weight of the skydiving helmet, so you can choose the one that meets your needs.

Let’s begin:

Phantom XV helmet


The latest phantom helmet is the Phantom XV. It is an upgrade of all the other full-face phantom skydiving helmets. Its anti-fog ventilation system makes sure that you get plenty of airflow in the helmet, so there’s no fog accumulating inside. 

The helmet provides superior protection to jumpers. It has a 2mm thick carbonate lens which is easy to change and clean. It is anti-scratch and anti-fog coated, enhancing wide-field vision. 

The helmet has dual lenses with an audible secure altimeter pocket. It is cost-effective and is of high quality and durable. 

It costs about $250 online, but you can look for a better deal at your nearby store.

Arrow Dynamics used skydiving helmets

You can opt for used dynamic Arrow helmets, which have a robust aero locking mechanism that assures protection for your head. 

The helmet provides a wide field of view and feels comfortable while jumping. It has anti-fog-coated visors and an excellent airflow system in the helmet. 

The helmet is inexpensive and is of high quality. The helmet is ideal for people who wear glasses and is easily adjustable. It costs around $450 in the store, but you can check out for more friendly prices for used gear online.

Parasport Italia helmet Z1 SL-14

Skydiving helmet Parasport

The helmet features high-standard protection by being aerodynamic, lightweight, and comfortable. 

It has a replaceable anti-fog and anti-scratch lens and an airtight collar installed with a safety chain strip. The visor mechanism on the parasport Italia can flip up and is also efficient.

The helmet’s size depends on the interchangeable liners, and you can easily wash them using the washing machine. It is available in different colors and sizes with prices ranging up to $350 if you buy them online.  

The headset has ear pouches that can accommodate hearing aids.

Cookie G3 XXL helmet by Red Bull


Cookie G3 XXL has single audible pockets on either side with 3rd party camera mounts. The visors are clear and with engravings and colors on the side plates. The helmet’s paddings are non-adjustable, with an expansive field vision of about 8.5 inches wide by 5 inches tall.

It is around $379 online, but you can visit your nearby store for a more cost-effective deal. 

It has two mouthpiece liners that prevent fogging conditions in the helmet. The replacement parts of the helmet are easily and readily available for parachuters.

The helmet is popular among jumpers for its efficiency and ease of use. The 3rd party vendors provide a diverse collection of ads on and there are lots of parachuters who can help you use it if you have any trouble with using the helmet. 

It has a high-impact ABS shell that contains the Redbull logo and where other symbols can also get encrypted. 

Bonehead AERO parachuting helmet

Bonehead AERO parachuting helmet

The bonehead AERO helmet has lenses that are anti-fog and anti-scratch. They are ideal for instructors with the highest field of view and an unobstructed view when jumping. 

The liners are washable and removable with a high-end carbon fiber molded vacuum compost shell. 

It has a 2mm thick polycarbonate lens that has separately grey tintings. It is ideal for instructors and people with glasses since they are compatible with eyeglasses. 

The cutaway is accessible for you to use, and it comes in fitting head sizes you can out at your nearby store. The collar has wet suit neoprene, which is replaceable with velcro and attachments of six screws. 

The helmet’s cutaway makes it safe to fly with cameras since they are ingeniously simple, quick, and easy to use. The helmet comes in original designs for you to choose the best that suits your needs.

KISS helmet - Square1


It is a high-performance helmet with a 2mm thick polycarbonate lens with a panoramic visibility capability that allows efficient jumping. It has an excellent anti-fog vent system, and it has total mouth exposure. 

It has a unique new quick, tight latch closure arrangement that features two exceptional levers that tighten and loosen the helmet on the jumper’s head. The helmet has a dual altimeter pocket that has access to the exterior part. 

The square one has a dual pockets system where you can switch on or off a device, set the altitude on your instruments, and recall or store information. 

It is around 420 Euros with free shipping if you purchase it online. 

Used helmets for dedicated skydivers

You can easily buy used helmets online, and they are also available at the local stores. There are both hard and soft shell helmets available that can protect your noggin. 

skydiving and parachuting helmets

The full-face parachuting helmet is the most common since they offer the best head protection. They have excellent quiet, free fall capabilities with audible inbuilt altimeter pockets. 

Used helmets are highly cost-effective. You can also find perfect used open face helmets that you can purchase online and in gear or manufacturer stores. 

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