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Jumping Directions for First-timers

First parachuting directions

To skydive for the first time, try to get a good night’s rest before going for your dive. Then, eat a moderate and healthy meal to stay hydrated before heading to the drop zone. 

Before your jump, wear loose-fitting clothing with comfortable shoes. Apart from this, a first-time jump will demand that you follow the instructions of your jumpmaster. 

What are the steps of jumping?

There are three distinct phases in a jump: Accelerated freefall, parachute opening, and landing. In the freefall, you complete your dive, then move on to opening the parachute and make a safe landing.

How long does a 15000 ft skydive take?

Usually, a 15,000 feet (4,600 meters) jump will take about 60 seconds to complete. 

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