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How Do You Become a Skydive Rigger? Rigging Licenses & Certificates

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Experienced riggers are charged with the task of moving heavy-duty equipment and materials to a worksite while employing rigging gear. But they engage in professional training to achieve this feat. 

For you to become a rigger, it will demand that you complete a study or training course that will leave you with the Certificate III Rigging award (CPC30711). Apart from this, you may be required to obtain additional licenses and tickets that will enable you to perform some tasks.

In essence, you will need to:

  • Obtain your White Card, also called the Construction induction Card. To get this, all you need to do is complete a study course at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).
  • Search for an accredited institute or company offering traineeship, which will gain you the Certificate III in Rigging (CPC30711).
  • Complete requested tickets and licenses like Basic Fire Tickets, High-risk Work ticket, Working at Heights tickets, and Working in Confined Spaces tickets.
  • Complete Police checks when necessary. These checks may include drug and alcohol tests. 

Parachute Rigger Training

Riggers mostly perform practical tasks and enjoy working outdoors. A trained rigger should be physically fit to work in construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding, or mining site. 

Are you looking for a hands-on course on parachute rigger training? It will please you to know that we offer candidates with the right curriculum on rigger training, which will get you the job. 

FAA Senior Rigger Test

The Federal Aviation Administration senior rigger test considers a candidate’s knowledge of the necessary procedures and information on handling parachute equipment. 

Here, they examine you on the skills and knowledge need to be a certified FAA senior rigger. With experienced riggers, it becomes easy to learn the right parachute skills. 

Rigger skydiving

Do Parachute Riggers Jump?

Yes, they are required to make jumps, especially with the parachute they have packed. Doing so will help them understand how the parachute they prepare works. 


It also helps understand how to maintain them while ensuring that the chute meets safety standards while professionally packed. 

How Much Do Experienced Riggers Make?

Per month, the average salary of a parachute rigger is between $2,000 to $3,000, depending on the position. Yearly, the total revenue may amount to an average between $35,000 to $40,000 and even more. 

How Often Do Riggers Jump?

At a minimum, parachute riggers must jump at least once in three months. It is to ensure that they keep fit for unprecedented tasks. 

Why Do Parachute Riggers Wear Red Hats?

Riggers wear red baseball-style hats to identify each other when supporting an airborne or airdrop operation. Hence, it is easy to know them when in areas like loading or drop zones. 

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