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Become an Experienced Skydiver | Parachuting Certifications & Costs

skydive certificatoion cost

Attaining a professional skydiving level requires every participant to complete various stages. These stages include: 

  • Completing a tandem skydive
  • Getting your license
  • Develop your maneuvering skills and techniques
  • Get ratings from your coach, tandem, and AFF instructors

How much does it cost to become a professional skydiver?

Becoming a professional skydiver will demand lesser than you imagined. With about $5000 you may be on your way to being an expert.

How long does it take to become a certified skydiver?

To become certified, you will need to complete a total of 25 jumps. After this, the next step is to get your license. To do this in the USA, it is best to follow the set-out rules of the United States Parachute Association. 

With this license, you can make your solo skydive. 

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