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iFLY indoor skydiving | Any windtunnels near me?

indoor windtunnel iFly

Skydiving is one of the most thrilling, exciting, and scary sport activities in the world. Some people even have skydiving as one of the things on their bucket list. 

However, other people shy away from skydiving because they are afraid of heights or are scared that the parachute may not open on time, which would mean jumping to their death. 

The incredible thing is that the National Safety Council released statistics showing that the risk of death while skydiving is one in 500,000. This means that a person has higher risk of dying by a bee sting or being struck by lightning, than by dying from a skydiving accident. 

If you want to try out skydiving or you want your kids to have a thrilling vacation skydiving, but you are too afraid of the risk involved, then perhaps indoor skydiving is the solution. 

Indoor skydiving is an activity that involves a person flying on a strong air stream in a vertical tunnel of wind. The forces of air blowing against your body from the vertical tunnel in indoor skydiving are similar to the forces that blow against your body during freefalling in an outdoor skydive, just before you open the parachute. 

Indoor skydiving is low risk because the worst thing that could happen to you is sustaining a scrape or a bump.

Just like in outdoor skydiving, you will be required to wear a jumpsuit, goggles, and helmet before you start indoor skydiving in order to protect your skin and eyes from the strong forces of air. If it is your first time trying out indoor skydiving, you will be guided by a professional instructor who will teach and explain to you everything to expect, and give you the flight gear that you need. 

The instructor will then take you to the wind tunnel where they will give you a one on one flying experience by guiding you on how to position and fly the body. 

ifly skydive indoors

Once you are suspended by the air stream over the tunnel, you will feel a sensation of floating and flying, similar to what you will experience during a free fall. The way you position your body during indoor skydiving will determine whether the body movements remain stable once you are suspended in the air.

The coach will signal to you how to place your arms, legs, and head during the flight. Poor body positioning puts you at a high risk of shoulder dislocation due to the force of the stream of air.

During the second activity, you will be less guided than the first one so that you can grasp and adapt to the concepts of flying your body safely. The tunnel coach will still be present to ensure that you have a smooth flight.

iFly windtunnelling indoors

Do you know that the minimum age of indoor skydiving is about 4 or 5 years old? In case you have kids that have always wanted to sky dive: indoor skydiving is definitely the safer option for them for now. The only limitation with indoor skydiving is that there are weight limits that may disqualify a person.

Indoor skydiving near me

Do you like the idea of indoor skydiving? If you do, you are in luck because there are many indoor skydiving centers around the world, particularly those belonging to iFly. The easiest and simplest way to find indoor skydiving near you is by visiting website.

There, you can search for one of their centers near you by keying in your location. iFly has over 80 skydiving locations all over the world including:

  • United States
  • China
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Great Britain
  • France

Indoor skydive weight limit

As we stated earlier, one of the restrictions of indoor skydiving is the weight limit. Skydiving participants should not weigh more than 300 pounds. In fact, people are advised to inform the skydiving coach if they weigh more than 260 pounds so that additional restrictions may be implemented in the flight to avoid any accidents.

The price for skydiving indoor?

The cost of indoor skydiving depends on how much time is spent in the wind tunnel. The average price of indoor skydiving is between $40 and $70. At iFly, the package for a first time flyer is $59.95.

What about skydiving indoors through Groupon?

Skydiving using Groupon is cheaper because it allows you redeem deals and get lower charges for indoor skydiving.

Best iFLY indoor skydive near me...

Find the best iFly indoor windtunnels near you by visiting their website and typing in your location in the location search bar. The website will show you the nearest iFly center and you can proceed to schedule a session.

Find iFLY indoor windtunnel skydiving locations

Do you want to find all the iFly windtunnels? You can find all this information on their iFly has over 80 locations worldwide.

iFLY indoors Houston

One of the iFly indoor skydiving locations is in Houston Texas. If you are in Houston, then you are in luck because you can visit the iFly center with your family and enjoy skydiving. There are two iFly skydiving centers in Houston and they include:

  • iFly- Houston Woodlands
  • iFly Houston Memorial

Any windtunnels in Atlanta?

There is one iFly indoor skydiving centre in Atlanta Georgia. You will find it with a quick  google  search. Do not miss out! 

iFLY Orlando

Are you in Orlando, Florida? There is another indoor center in Orlando, so gather your friends and make exciting plans for the weekend.

iFLY in New York

Even people in New York get to enjoy indoor windtunneling services from iFly. If you are in NY, then you are in luck. Maybe it is time to tick this spectacular activity off your bucket list, finally?

FAQ: How much is indoor skydiving?

To skydive indoors costs an average of $40 to $70 per session. However, prices may vary. 

How much is indoor skydiving at iFLY?

At iFly, the cost of indoor windtunnel sky diving is $59.95 for those who are flying for the first time. The price varies with experience. The more experience you get, the lower the cost because you will require less training from the coach.

How much does iFLY cost per minute?

The cost of iFly per minute is about $0.57, because an iFly experience lasts for one hour and 45 minutes. 

Is iFLY dangerous?

Your safety is the main priority at iFly. 

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