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Learn to Skydive Solo | AFF Certification Near Me?

Learning Solo Skydiving | Pic:: Mylene2401

To be a solo diver, the first thing you would want to know is that you will undertake the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program, which includes you taking seven instructor-assisted jumps. 

Then, you move on to the First Jump Course (FJC) that will teach you the fundamentals of the sport, which includes learning about the gear, body positioning, emergency and safety procedures, steps to fly a parachute, and personalized jump lessons.

Apart from this, the learning process demands that a participant completes a minimum of twenty-five dives to obtain your A-license (a certificate of expertise). 

Hence the learning process includes a plane ride and making a freefall at a velocity of 120 mph (190 kmh) in 60 seconds. 

Before doing this, you will deploy a parachute around 5500 feet (1700 meters) and freefall for about 5 minutes. 

I Wanna Learn to Skydive Near Me!

Want to learn how to skydive? Several skydive drop zones assist you in finding the best location near you! We help you find a drop zone listing at different skydiving centers. 

If you are a first-time skydiver or are still considering learning how to skydive, drop zone listings will provide you with detailed information on skydiving centers near you. 

Is Skydiving Hard to Learn?

It is not a hard sport to learn. However, the learning process differs for each participant. For young people, this sport will be easy to comprehend as they become proficient in it quickly. 

On the other hand, the elderly find it quite a tasking job as factors like age, fitness, hand-to-eye-coordination, and flexibility may hinder their performance. Some young individuals also have these variables that make it difficult to learn how to skydive. 

How Long Does It Take to Learn to Skydive?

There is so no allocated time frame to learning how to skydive. You can learn the skills within a couple of weeks of starting this sport while many may find it difficult to learn hence elongating the learning period. 

What this suggests is that it all depends on individual ability and learning drive. 

How Much Does It Cost to Jump?

The cost varies from each drop zone. This is because some training jumps include only about seven to ten jumps. On the other hand, many also may indulge in a comprehensive program that involves eighteen jumps. 

Depending on whichever program you choose, the price ranges between $1,500 to $3,000. 

How Much Do Skydivers Make A Year?

The salary will vary by location and average working hours. However, the average salary may range between $20,000 to $40,000 per year. 

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