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A New Way to Skydive? AFF, Gear & Equipment

New skydiving equipment? Pic: SergeDo

Jump in a New Fashion?

Most people find the possibility of being over 18,000 feet (4,570 meter) above the earth scary. But, not to worry because there is a new way to parachute!
Wind tunnels have reformed the theme of jumping. All you need to do is make an appointment and learn to skydive in the wind tunnel! 

Ever Wondered What Happens to Your Body During a Freefall (AFF)?

One of the adrenaline-rushing sports you do not want to miss out on is Accelerated Freefall. As you free fall out of a plane at 15,000 feet (4,570 meters) above ground level, it means you are literally dropping to the ground at high speed and could even lead to death on high impact.

But, even before the jump, your body starts showing unusual symptoms of anxiety, like tensed muscles and an increased need to pee.

Check out this AFF Freefall in the Algarve


Most times, your heart rate skyrockets. and you are like “Oh hell, I’m gonna die!” Most especially when it gets time to jump from the plane, and suddenly it downs on you that you are doing this.

At this point, your mind goes into over-ride, and you want to sit still while others jump. But, when you jump, you just cannot explain the exhilarating sensation you get, the feeling of total freedom and abandonment.

You may scream your head off at the start, but on landing, you feel so happy. This is what we aim to achieve: give your body the thrill it needs.

New or used skydiving equipment?

The price of skydiving equipment may be a hindrance to making your first jump. It is because many companies charge a significant amount to get the complete gear. But, getting a new rig does not guarantee a fun freefall experience.

Thankfully, there are many functioning used skydiving equipment you can use for your freefall adventure.

If you find the price of a new rig does not meet your budget, go for a used one. Most come with 100% work power.

New parachuting gear

Want new gear for your next jump? The drop zones provide you with all equipment you will need for your jump, from the suits and helmet to the altimeter, rig, and all the other gears you may need.

Parachuting Gear. Image by Günther Schneider

Still haven’t found the stuff you are looking for? A search for Amazon skydiving gear might do it.  

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