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Skydiving in Delaware

Skydiving is something many adrenaline junkies look forward to. Perhaps you are one of them? You can get thrilling parachuting adventures in several places across the state – for example in New Castle, Philadelphia, Newark, or Baltimore – depending on where you are. Skydiving in New Castle In Newcastle, there are several places that offer …

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Tandem Skydiving Max Weight Limits

Skydiving centers generally state that tandem passengers must weigh between 200-220 and 230-250 pounds. There is usually no minimum weight and only an age limit (18 years in the US). Dropzones may have ”heavy upcharges” built into their pricing models. This means that heavier customers are charged more ($1 per pound over 220lbs). These policies …

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Tandem parachute jump | Pic from Kristian Vlogs

I Want to Tandem Jump! Now!

Looking for the fastest way to make your first jump? Tandem skydiving is your go-to sport. You will see that it utilizes a dual harness parachute, where the instructor wears the parachute, and the student (you) is strapped to the instructor while jumping.  However, the maximum weight for a tandem jump is 240 pounds. In a …

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