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Skydiving Policies | Parachuting Rules & Requirements

Policies for Skydiving
All drop zones have various policies that keep them running in a smooth fashion. The policies and rules are essential to every participant’s safety, and each student must adhere.

If you are considering choosing a specific drop zone, here are some regulations that are common for many of them.

Skydiving Rules and Requirements 

To perform a jump, every participant will need to understand the rules, regulations, and preparations. This is because it serves as a safety measure for freefall. To participate in a training course, here are some essentials:

How many jumps before you can go solo jumping?

Technically, it takes about twenty-five jumps to do a solo skydive. But you will also have had acquired a certificate to undertake this jump.

Can you skydive by yourself for the first time?

No. As a first-time diver, you will have to make a jump with the help of your instructor.

How long are you in the air when you jump?

On average, you will be airborne for 90 seconds if starting at 18.000 feet (5.500 meters). I am sure that you will never forget those 90 seconds. 

Can I wear jeans skydiving?

Denim is a definite no for a jumping adventure. These clothes will make you uncomfortable as you will not have enough room to stretch. Go for comfortable clothes when skydiving.

Common Policies for Parachuting & Skydiving

Bookings may be limited to persons who only make a reservation. As a result of this, every participant may have to make a non-refundable deposit. After this, you should be ready for your jump unless unforeseen circumstance, like bad weather condition, arises. Other common policies:

  1. Every participant must be of legal age (You will need an ID as evidence). Good mental and physical condition is necessary, and you must weigh less than 240lbs for tandem fall and 225lbs for Accelerated Freefall. A doctor’s note may be required to prove good health.
  2. It is necessary to note that appointments will only prepare you for the fall and not the actual jump.
  3. Make sure to get on your adventure as quickly as possible after preparing you for the actual skydive. Some days, many variables could be a limiting factor for training, like bad weather conditions, number of students and instructors, available aircraft space, and many others. So, you should prepare yourself to spend the day training. Make sure to bring essentials like food and a relaxation mat.
  4. If you want to cancel an appointment, do so seven days before the set date. For a group of 10 to 14, 10 days’ notice of cancellation may be necessary. However, note that you will usually not get back the non-refundable cash of $50.00
  5. If you do not jump the same day, you will be issued a voucher scheduled for another day. But, no refunds will be issued.
  6. No alcoholic beverages during operating hours and no pets. Also, if you have children with you, do well to supervise them at all times.
  7. Make sure to dress comfortably. For footwear, sneakers are the best.
  8. Everyone should get a copy of the policy. If you do not agree to these conditions, ensure to cancel the appointment before the said seven or fourteen days of the cancellation period.

Please note that policies may vary between drop zones.

Drop Zone: things to consider!

Running an aviation and skydiving business is expensive, especially with the effort that is put into providing stellar resources for your adventure.

Notwithstanding this cost, several drop zones offer premium skydiving facilities, including aircraft.

They usually make sure to fly below capacity loads with you using state-of-art devices and parachutes. Staffs should be trained to meet your every need.

● How far ahead should I make my deposit and schedule my skydive?

Some days, there is more bookings leaving room for less reservation. So, if you have a particular date in mind, it is best to deposit in advance. If you still do not know when to make your deposit, the best idea will be to mail or call.

IMPORTANT: Bookings are usually valid with evidence as a receipt of your deposit.

● Can I get a refund if the weather is too bad for parachuting?

Every year, we experience series of bad weather conditions. But that does not mean your freefall adventure will be on hold. Even in harsh weather conditions, the staff may still carry out some training classes.

They ensure that the weather is one they can still work with and take increased safety measures.

Every year, we experience series of bad weather conditions. But that does not mean your freefall adventure will be on hold. Even in harsh weather conditions, the staff may still carry out some training classes.

Hence, every participant usually must be present on the appointed day and time. If you wish to change the appointment date, then a prior notice of seven and fourteen days may be necessary without forfeiting your deposit.

● Do you accept walk-in business?

Many drop zones most definitely do! But, to guarantee your booking you may have to pre-schedule. In an event where the staff does not guarantee a space for you, please do well to wait for the full completion of all business schedules.

Check out the USPA Skydiving Policies to find out more.  

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