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5 Steps to Purchase Skydiving Gear

Skydiving gear considerations
  • Select the reserve canopy
  • Choose your harness
  • Get a unique parachute brand
  • Get an AAD
  • Test your equipment to see if it is functioning properly

FAQ: How Much Does Skydiving Gear Cost?

A skydiving gear will cost you between $3000 to $7000 depending on if it is a used one or a piece of new skydiving equipment. 

How much does it cost to parachute on your own?

Skydiving cost varies with drop zone because of the limited jumps you will need to learn. On the other hand, many also may indulge in a comprehensive program that involves twenty-five jumps. Whichever one you choose, skydiving on your own could cost between $1,500 to $3,000.

How much does a parachute cost to buy?

To buy the entire parachute system will cost you about $8,000 as it includes the main parachute, reserve canopy, and harness system. Also, remember your skydiving helmet

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