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Skydiving Techniques | RW Concepts & Suits

RW skydiving | Pic: David Mark

Relative Work (RW) Jump Technique

RW meaning Relative Work and sometimes called formation skydiving is a freefall method of jumping with a group of skydivers in a belly-to-earth formation. In essence, it is also called belly flying.

For parachuting newbies, this is one great hack to start from. This technique will also teach you to refine your skill to an almost physically impossible level.

Check out this wicked video compilation of RW jumps (the Ukrainian Championship). 

The video shows a bunch of variations of 2-way RW. The RW jumps were part of a training camp and also included a competition.

Kudos to Egor Vysotskiv for holding the camera! And applauds to Volodmyr Roshko and Oleksandr Marushko for doing the RW formations in the video. 

Skydiving RW Suits

RW suits make skydiving relatively easy to perform. It is comfortable, strong, and the most appropriate piece of clothing for a jump.

Made with different materials, they come with added features like varying grips to suit your need. Likewise, they come in varying sizes for all body types.

The RW Concept

For years, the RW concept has aimed at serving the best experience to every participant. Get amazing packages like skydiving instructions, coaching, load organization, and dive planning to humpers at various levels.

Apart from this, the Relative Work (RW) or Formation Skydiving (FS) plan has helped jumpers improve their RW FS skills.

Currently, there is an entry-level free fly coaching and instruction class for developing team RW skills.

This coaching often includes a one-on-one lesson and a video quiz. With this, everyone, including beginners, will fully develop their RW FS skills. 

Coaching techniques may involve a 2-way formation lesson for participants out of AFF and move on to a more advanced skydiving technique and formation for experienced skydivers.

Whether you are a fresh AFF graduate, skydiving newbie, or an experienced jumper intending to improve your skills, you should easily find a suitable drop zone near you. Make a date and enjoy the blue skies!

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