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Skydiving Certification Near me? AFF Courses and Programs

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Where to Get a License For Skydiving Solo

Following completion of skydiving training in the USA, you can acquire your certificate from the following locations:
  • Skydive Space land Florida
  • Skydive Paraclete
  • Skydive Georgia
  • Texas Skydiving
  • Skydive University
  • Skydive Perris
  • United States Parachute association
  • Skydive orange
  • Skydiving company Texas
  • Dallas Tandem Skydiving

Get a Skydiving Certification (globally)

Wherever you complete your training, you are required to acquire a license, which shows that you can do jumps under no supervision.
Many countries in the world use a categorized system of certificates, with each being more progressively developed and proof that you have improved your jumping skills and experience.

There are four categories of licenses; A, B, C, and D. Type A is the license that a new skydiver acquires. The rest of the licenses are progressively challenging to achieve since they have specific requirements, whereby you are required to prove a particular skill and demonstrate some experience.

To acquire a license level A, you are required to complete at least 25 jumps, although there is no specified free-fall time. To obtain level B, you must achieve at least 50 jumps with a minimum free-fall time of 30 minutes.  

On the other hand, a level C license requires that you perform 200 hundred jumps with a minimum free fall time of 60 minutes. Level D license is a climax level that requires you to complete at least 500 jumps with a minimum free-fall of three hours. 

You must meet all the requirements of the previous levels and complete two-night jumps.

New skydiving equipment? Pic: SergeDo

Any parachuting classes near me?

There are many locations in the USA where you can get skydiving classes:

  • Skydive Orange
  • Skydive Perris
  • Skydive University
  • Skydive Space land Florida
  • Skydive Rating
  • Skydive Paraclete XP
  • Skydive Sebastian
  • Jump with the Pros

The cost of a skydiving license

The different levels of parachuting attract other costs. Most people have the price of a grade A license in mind.
This is because it is the starting point, and it also demonstrates that you have the required training to jump
with other licensed skydivers.
After completing the two tandem skydiving levels, you must complete your first jump course and packing class.
For cost-cutting purposes, WNY skydiving has an offer for a complete accelerated free fall service package that
includes the first jump course, packing class, a logbook, and six jumps for $100 less than the cost of each level individually.
Once you graduate from the AFF (Accelerated Free-Fall) program, you will enter the skydiving coach program. In
this, your coach’s jump helps you develop and enhance free fall skills and maneuvers to prepare you to pass the
license A check dive. A $125 cost of each of these couch jumps will cater for your couch fee, gear rental, and the jump.

AFF skydiving programs and courses near me

American dropzones use USPA’s safety-oriented integrated program to train students. IPS teaches essential skills in skydiving through a series of jumps in 8 categories working toward the 25 compulsory jumps required to earn the first skydiving license
It would help if you began with your first jump, including 6-8 hours of adequate ground training and a written test.
If the weather allows, you will make your first jump with two instructors that will hold unto you as you exit the plane. You will then deploy your parachute and fly it under guidance.

After landing, the instructors will debrief you about the jump and set you on the path for the rest of the AFF program. During training, instructors will help you learn and execute the eight free-fall objectives whose competencies are required to complete the AFF course.

Apart from the mentioned areas, other incredible places offer Skydiving classes in the USA such as:

  • Skydive Orange
  • Skydive Sebastian
  • Skydive with Pros
  • Tandem skydiving

How long will it take to earn a parachuting license?

There is no specific time required to take before acquiring a license; it depends on how fast you want to progress and how many jumps you make. We can receive it within weeks, but other people can take longer.

Before you begin jumping, you must complete ground training that will take 6-8 hours. The ground training will teach you the basic skills of flying your body and controlling your parachute. After that, each jumping experience will give you a new skill. 

The jump itself takes 15-20 minutes for you to climb to the required altitude, around a minute in free-fall, and five minutes of flying down. You will then have a post-jump debrief; thus, the whole jump will take around an hour.

Since you use a lot of energy, you may not need to do more than four jumps per day. Since you need to complete at least 18 jumps, you can easily calculate the days you need depending on how fast you want to progress. 

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