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Skydiving in Germany

This sport was previously practiced only by the military, but with the relaxation of Germany’s Civil Code it has become more open to the general public.
As such, tandem Skydiving (TSD) is quickly becoming the most popular form of skydiving in Germany.

Preparatory Free Tandem Skydiving Classes

German skydiving clubs hold weekly sessions that can last a full day. Experienced skydiving companies may offer a free tandem skydiving class, which can be a great way to prepare for this exciting sport.

Parachute associations are an important part of Skydiving in Germany. The German Parachute Association (DPA) is the sole governing body of skydiving in Germany. It holds the title of “master association”, since it supervises all aspects of skydiving activities, ensuring a high standard of safety for all Skydivers. The DPA provides extensive training courses for new and seasoned skydiving students and instructors.

Best German Skydiving Centers?

If you want to try skydiving in Germany, you can do so by searching for your local skydiving organizations on the Internet. This will give you a list of organizations that are active in this wonderful sport, all of which should have plenty of experienced skydiving instructors on hand.

A few good mentions are Pullout Skydive GmbH in Giessen. It is very popular and has been around for years. With a 4,9 or 5 rating (336 votes on Google) the odds of you getting a memorable experience are pretty darn good.

Two other dropzones well worth mentioning are GoJump in Gransee (4,7 rating and 572 votes) and Take Off Skydiving GmbH in Fehrbellin (4,9 rating and 492 votes on Google).

If you book your class online, or even call the German Skydiving Association, you can find out more information about the availability of your course. Many people have reported success and lifelong memories after taking tandem skydiving classes in Germany.

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