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Learn to Skydive | Tandem or AFF Parachuting?

Tandem skydiving AFF
Skydiving is not a sport that can be done simply by watching YouTube videos or reading about it. (You already figured that out, I am sure.) It takes a lot of practice to master the art and skydiving techniques. For first-timers, several questions would be on your mind. Some may wonder about parachute safety, the best clothes to wear, or what to eat before the fall. If you want answers to these questions, here are some hacks for you.
  • Read on another person’s experience before your jump
  • Make sure to sleep comfortably before your appointed day
  • Skydiving is hard to learn. So, you would want to pay attention to your instructor
  • Adhere to all do’s and don’ts as stated by the instructor
  • Loosen up and enjoy yourself
  • Lastly, breathe

How much does it cost to learn skydiving?

A tandem jump may cost about $220. A jump with a Video and Picture Package often costs $330. On the other hand, an AFF Skydive may cover $320, while a jump with a video and picture package often range $430.

What is the youngest age to go parachuting?

The youngest age for a skydive is between sixteen and eighteen. This is because it is the legal age in some countries. Anything below will not be allowed to skydive.

First time jumper? Why skydive?

One of the reasons to go for a skydive is that it helps you conquer your fear. This is because as a first-timer, it is difficult to go to such heights. But with skydiving, you feel the freest than ever before. 

Should I do a Tandem Jump or an AFF?

Any of both will work well for you. However, an accelerated freefall (AFF) is more for those who want to specialize in skydiving while the tandem jump is introductory. For tandem jumps, participants have to be of eighteen years and weigh 250 lbs (113 kg) and not more.

If you are considering making just one jump, the tandem jump is the right choice for you. For those that decide to be a regular skydiver, the AFF jump will be the perfect fit.

In AFF, you do not only learn skydiving skills but also obtain a skydiving license.

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