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Student Ready for Your First Jump? Skydiving Preparation 101

First Skydiving Preparation Jump

For students preparing for a first jump, the idea may seem scary and unattainable. But there is no need to fear. Yes, skydiving is a scary sport that demands courage and facing your fear. 

But apart from this, it is an exciting sport that may meet more than your expectations. To help you prepare for your first jump, we highlight some factors to put in mind. 

No need to be an athlete to skydive

Although it may look like an athletic sport since there are so many jumps you will need to complete, you do not have to be an athlete to complete a freefall. This is because, in AFF courses, the staff makes the training sessions for first-timers as simple as possible. 

There are no demanding requirements, nor do you need to be in great shape to skydive. What you will need the most is the ability to jump. 

Know about the AFF Drop zone

To know about the drop zone, all you need to do is ask other experts about their experience. Alternatively, glance through the company reviews. It is best to know more about the drop zone because it gives you added information you may not know and remind you of things you might have forgotten. 

Eat right before your parachute jump

Jumping on an empty stomach is not what you want as you may feel lightheaded. On the other hand, skydiving with an overly full stomach is no fun. It could cause you to feel nauseated and throw up. 

So, eat right. A moderate food is best for before a skydive. 

Get a good night rest

Knowing that you may have your first jump soon may make you lose sleep. But, getting nervous the night before your first jump is not something you want. Sleep is an important part of your everyday life because it gives the body a chance to recharge for lost energy.

If you feel your mind racing and nerves building up, try drinking a scented herbal tea, turn the lights off and avoid pressing your phone. These precautions may help you get a good night’s sleep. 

Dress comfortably (no jumpsuit needed)

Are you thinking of what to wear for your first-time freefall experience? Many people tend to wear loose-fitting dresses while diving because they feel it gives them the needed space to move comfortably.

However, the truth is that loose clothing will only make you uncomfortable because the wind will make it seem as if your clothes want to fly off your body. 

For beginners, it is best to consider dress in close-fitting layers. Also, consider putting on a jumpsuit as it will keep your clothes in place. 

Do not forget to Breathe

Breathing is by far the most important thing every first-time skydiver should never forget to do. From the moment you get to the drop zone till the landing, breathe deep. It helps the freefall experience to be even more fun and worthwhile.


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