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Tandem Skydiving for New Students | Any Jumps Near Me?

tandem skydiving near empuria brava

You do not need to have any prior experience as training only covers about ten to fifteen minutes, and the parachute bears the weight of two people. 

Also, in a tandem jump, the instructor does all the work so that the skydiving student can enjoy the experience. 

While anyone without prior experience can perform a tandem jump, this sport does not work well for everyone. Some variables that restrict induvial from performing this sport include:

  • Age: All guests must be around the minimum age of eighteen.
  • Weight: an individual cannot weigh more than 250 lbs (114 kg) to perform this sport.
  • Weather conditions: skydiving is dependent more on weather conditions. 

So, it is best to check weather forecasts before booking to avoid bad weather conditions.

Is It Necessary to Do A Tandem Before Learning to Skydive?

Usually, one can skydive solo without having to do a tandem skydive. However, doing a tandem jump before deciding to skydive solo on your first jump is necessary. This is because it puts you on the right track to implementing skydiving rules. 

For beginners, making a tandem skydive will help:

  • Ascertain if they enjoy the sport or the sensation of the fall.
  • Gain fundamental knowledge that will help in the Accelerated Freefall.

How Safe Is Tandem Skydiving?

A tandem skydive does not come entirely without its own risk. However, it is extremely rare to have skydiving fatalities that may happen as a result of faulty equipment or equipment failure. 

Recent statistics show that a person is more likely to die from a car accident than a tandem skydive. 

What to Expect on a Tandem Jump?

A tandem skydive is pretty simple and will take not more than thirty minutes. Some of the things you should expect on your tandem skydive include:

  • you will learn how about the tandem parachute and how it works
  • the process of getting attached to your tandem instructor
  • how to position your body when alighting the aircraft and during your free fall
  • how the canopy ride occurs and the landing process

What Does Tandem Skydiving Feel Like?

If you think the ride will feel like sudden aircraft landing, roller coaster, or elevator drops, then you are in for a shock. A skydive will give you a feeling of floating. 

It is because you are falling at a speed of 120 mph (190 km/h) without actually feeling the pace. Moreover, it makes you drop 1,000 feet (300 meters) every six seconds. 

Hence, one definite sensation you get is astonishment. There is no word to describe a tandem skydive! It is best to experience it yourself. 

How Much Does A Tandem Jump Cost?

Several variables such as geography, fuel price, exit altitude, competition, and aircraft type affect the cost of tandem skydiving. However, some services are one of the most affordable places for a skydive. 

Typically, the cost of a tandem skydive at other institutes can range between $150 to $300. Click here to find tandem jump prices that will leave you coming for more. 

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