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Video of a tandem skydive Santa Barbara

The instructor who will jump with you may have a video camera attached to the helmet to record your first freefall. 

Technically, a lot of persons will prefer to come with their video camera for filming. But the truth is that no guests may take cameras on board during a sky-jump. 

However, you can take on-ground footage because there no not many safety challenges. 

Indeed, you would want to know that making a tandem jump is not without its chores as you will be actively routed in the sport. Hence, it is necessary to stay focused than trying to film yourself. 

With this, it will please you to know that the video production teams at the drop zones usually got you covered. 

They can use advanced video editing equipment and a camera to help you document your first freefall.

But the video packages usually add an extra cost for your jump. After completing your landing, the professional editing team can work on the film by adding the right music, titles, and special effects to give it a memorable feel. 

It is quite an amazing feel to do a jump and have it filmed. I remember so many people who regret not filming their first jump, seeing others who actually had their first jump filmed, sharing it in social media and getting lots of attention by doing so. 

Even if you cannot film your jump using your own camera you can at least film everything before and after your jump, and make a memorable YouTube video of it. I hope you have checked some of those videos out, since they are pretty darn hilarious to watch. 

I’ve watched everything from young kids under 12 years to ladies in their sixties doing a tandem jump while having it filmed, and safely arrive on ground a few minutes later with a big smile on their face. 

Who knows, maybe you will be one of them? If so, I would love to be one of the first to give you a high-five and congratulate you. 

One of my favorite cameras is of course the GoPro7 black. Contrary to its predecessors (GoPro 5 and 6), the number 7 7 has impressive built-in antishake functions that make really rough rides look like a smooth sail. 

I would recommend an extra battery for the GoPro. Then you can use one battery while charging the other. Can be perfect when you document your way to and from the dropzone? 

Now go visit a drop zone and do a skydiving video you will never forget. 

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