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Tandem Skydiving | Is it for You?

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Tandem skydiving entails two people strapped together and jumping out from an airplane. Usually, the two participants will include the instructor and the participant.

Many people often question the possibility of making a tandem jump safely with just anyone. The truth is that you cannot do a tandem parachute jump with just anyone. 

When it comes to tandem jump safety, a tandem jump has to take place with the aid of a certified instructor and nothing less. Making a tandem jump with a newbie and an uncertified instructor can be dangerous. 

This is because the participant may not have likely gone through a rigorous training course that qualifies to lead as an instructor. 

There are some very experienced and trained instructors who will instruct you on all aspects of the jumping process, and safe ground handling as well as the jump itself. It is important that you understand that this is a high-risk activity and one not to undertake lightly if you lack experience. 

Any student who has successfully completed this jump will most likely be ready to take the next jump very soon. With careful pre-flight instruction, you too can become a successful parachuter and enjoy the adrenaline rush of dropping from thousands of feet. After your first solo jump, you should be able to move at a rapid speed and boost your confidence, and maybe even get your skydiving certification?

Want to know more about this? Feel free to contact your nearest tandem skydiving dropzone team. 

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