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Best Skydiving Videos ? Film Your AFF Jump

Filming skydiving | Image: Wes Harrison

Videos of Your Jumps

Are you looking to get filmed on your first accelerated freefall (AFF)? Once you exit the plan, the camera flyer takes the stage with you to capture every insight and visual feed of your first freefall adventure. 

With this video, your loved ones can watch you enjoy your thrilling experience. Do not miss this opportunity to get your exciting skydiving experience on record!

Indoor Skydiving vids

Several teams also offer indoor videos contained in an MTV video-styled production. Apart from this, you can also get a digitally-enhanced video with special effects to depict the feeling of your indoor skydiving experience. 

Having this video allows you to relive the thrill of your first skydiving adventure!

Parachuting Videos on YouTube

If you are not sure about ordering the video package for your freefall, then click here to view some sample videos on YouTube produced by skilled videographers.

Each video is customized to suit every participant with unique special effects and theme songs.

iFly Indoor Video Editing

Looking for an online resource to view sample videos? Edited videos are available on iFly, and all you have to do is search for an iFLy indoor video media center. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Video Can I Expect of My AFF Freefall?

Often, the video may be incorporated with background music and added effects to give it a unique feel. Also, its duration may range between three to five minutes.

Contents of the video often include close-up shots of you leaving the classroom to the time of landing.

However, the staff covers more of the freefall phase because incorporating all variables into the video will exceed the decided playtime.

The video may also include bonus footage of you boarding the plane, the take-off, climb, exit and landing.

Can I Choose the Music for the AFF Video?

Although integrating desired music into your video is achievable, it may not give you the desired effect you may want. It is because every parachuting experience differs, and any music chosen before your first freefall may not compliment the mood.

To curb this, expert video editing teams can make sure to do a great job of matching your video to a piece of music that will suit your video character and depict the mood observed during the fall.

Notwithstanding this, if you feel like listening to your music, try turning down the volume while you crank up the stereo!

How Long After the Jump Before I Receive My Video?

Usually, the staff tries to deliver your video to you on the same day. However, certain factors like the production edits can affect this process. So, they sometimes mail to you for free the first working day after your jump.

What Kind of Still Parachuting Photos Can I Expect?

After skydiving, the staff may deliver digital photo albums taken during the freefall. As such, it becomes possible for you to use stills as you see fit, from making enlargements at home to printing out pictures on business cards, greeting cards, and many more.

Should I Give Advance Notice Before I Jump?

Definitely! Doing so will help the staff customize a schedule that will fit perfectly for your parachuting lessons.

Am I Allowed to Bring A Camera to the Drop Zone?

Bringing a camera can be risky because the gadget may get lost and even break. Moreover, unplanned distractions may occur since you will be engrossed in flying two miles above ground level and at a speed of 120 mph (190 km/h).

Are My Friends Allowed to take Photos and Videos of Me When Skydiving?

Absolutely! It is possible for your friends to take close-up video or stills of you after your jump, especially when landing and getting under the canopy.

Is it Possible for the Camera Flyer to Take Shots of Several Divers?

This is not possible because the time of your freefall, landing and distance is different. Hence, it is only possible for the camera flyer to film a person at a time.

What if My Country Has a Different Video Signal Protocol Like PAL or SECAM?

If this is the case, you would want to know that it is still possible for on-site photography teams to work through this. However, additional fees may apply.

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